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Powercore Fitness is a new brand we have developed for home fitness products. We are a very well established U.S. company, located on Long Island, N.Y. We have been in in the import business for over 20 years and have successfully brought thousands of products to market at well-known brand and big box stores as well as online. In 2020, we saw an immediate need for growth in the home fitness space and decided to create a brand of products that will work for both men and women, from beginner to advanced and to be able to be used at home. Powercore Fitness is all about home fitness. We have sourced the best products and equipment to give you the best workout possible with a very small footprint and for great prices.

Our products are made from the finest materials and will hold up over time.

With the way the world is moving – the home gym is the future. To be able to have the flexibility to work out  and exercise at at any time and in the safety and comfort of your home is key. Join the home fitness movement now!

core strength training
Muscle resistance
Build Muscle
Improving Flexibility

“Put in the work, dedication, and self-discipline - and you'll see the results.”

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